Three Tips for Bonding Someone Out of Oxnard Jail

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Martin Basaldua

Martin Basaldua
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Contacting a bail bondsman in Oxnard is a matter of getting your loved one out of jail as soon as possible. Some bail bondsmen are available and others are not, leaving your loved one to wait inside of a cell needlessly. Bailing someone out in Oxnard is essentially the same as bailing someone out in another part of California, yet it all depends on the jail your friend or loved one is at and how crowded it is at the time he or she is detained. Time is always of the essence, however. Just think about how rarely most people do any sort of time in jail — even a few hours. What this amounts to is fear, and unfortunately sometimes even harassment at the hands of staff who look down on anyone who is arrested, whether they are guilty or innocent.

1. Killing Time: Things to Do in Oxnard

While you’re waiting on your Oxnard bail process to complete — which can take many hours, even with the best, most efficient bondsmen, due to the backlog at the jail in question — it’s important to know a little about the area. Often the area where a person is charged with a crime is not their home and as a result the persons helping them get out of jail do not know the area, but want to be close by to pick them up as soon as possible.

So, what do you do in Oxnard to stay entertained and comfortable while you wait? Check out five great options below that have proven popular with visitors and locals alike.

● Mullin Auto Museum: This Museum is named after the source of the collection of cars, Peter Mullin. A range of cars from Hispano Suizas to Bugatis and Delahayehs, all from 1920s and 30s France, make this stop a must-see.

● Majestic Ventura Theater: This movie house first opened its doors in 1928, and it has now been restored to its full grandeur, quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations in the area.

● Ventura County Wine Trail: While you’re waiting, have a glass of wine on this trail which moves all the way to Thousand Oaks from Ojai in Ventura County.

● Island Packers: Enjoy a hike at the Channel Islands and take in the incredible vistas full of blue waters.

● California Strawberry Festival: If your loved one needs bailing out mid-May, this fruit festival can be a great way to pass the time or celebrate getting out of jail.

2. Picking an Agent: Best Oxnard Bail Bonds Service

There are a lot of Oxnard bail agents. Ultimately the best one for your situation is the one that is most available and most familiar with the area. Perhaps the most familiar agents are too busy bailing others out at the moment, in which case you should go with the agents that are available and have a similar level of experience.

If your bondsman does not have a reputation backed by a lot of years and successfully bailed out individuals, then that is a red flag. These are pros at getting people out of jail, and your case should be very simple to solve as long as you pay the required fee. Your bail bondsman should be well-known and not have to resort to any attention-grabbing tactics like low price offers in order to get business. Word-of-mouth amongst those who have been arrested previously is usually a very strong marketing tactic for most bail bond agents, in addition to their proximity to local jails.

3. The Price Myth: Don’t Fall For This Trick

Whatever you do, don’t fall for the claims of low pricing. In California the bail bond industry is regulated by the State Department of Insurance.

● 10% of Total Bail Amount: This is the standard price in California, unless in the rare instance your friend or loved one can qualify for 8% of the total bail amount. That means for every $1,000 in bail money you have to pay $100 to get a bondsman to secure a bond.

● The Only Point of Negotiation: Payment plans. Another big sign of a reputable bail agent is the ability to work with you, and even offer credit, to pay down your 10% bill. They put up the money and you pay it off, their service making it nearly always possible to get your friend or loved one out of jail, to get them home to comfort and safety. Only very poor credit would exclude you from entering into a payment plan.

Contact us now to get your loved one or friend bailed out as fast as possible.


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