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Martin Basaldua
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When you have been incarcerated in Oxnard and you are unsure of where to go or who to turn to, look no further than Oxnard bail bonds. In most cases, when the person who has been accused of committing a crime is arrested, they are brought to a jail facility by the arresting officers from the Oxnard police department and booked.

Ir is important to remember that not all bail bonds are interchangeable and that all Oxnard bail agents and Oxnard bail bond companies are not created equally. For those who are wondering how an Oxnard bail bondsman can assist them in the process of extricating themselves from prison, read on to learn more.

The bail bond process involves the signing of a contract between the person who has been jailed and the Oxnard bail bondsman. The Oxnard bail agent is essentially guaranteeing your presence in a court of law. There will be a number of courtroom proceedings that you must attend and the signing of the bail bond agreement means that you will be accounted for at the deposition, any hearings that take place, and remain present throughout the trial, should one be necessary.

In order to provide this valuable service and ensure that a defendant is able to fight for their freedom from the comfort of their own home, as opposed to a jail cell, an Oxnard bail bondsman charges a small percentage of the bail amount. In the state of California, an Oxnard bail agent can only charge a maximum of 10 percent.

The amount of the fee that you will pay is subject to change and can be negotiated. However, each Oxnard bail bond company that you will contact has its own rules and regulations as to how the amount is paid. Should a defendant be able to win an acquittal or a dismissal of their case, their bail amount is reimbursed.

In cases where the defendant is found guilty and sentenced to a jail or prison term, the amount that is spent on bail is not reimbursed and becomes the property of the Oxnard police department. Typically, a friend or family member is the one who is responsible for supplying the funds to free a defendant from prison, so bear this factor in mind.

Before the bail bond can even be posted, the defendant must sign an agreement. This agreement states that defendant will not flee the premises and that the defendant and/or their co-signers are responsible for the bail’s full amount should they decide not to attend their own court proceedings.

Oxnard bail bond companies do not always require collateral from defendants and for the most part, a signature from both the defendant and their close friend/family member (in addition to the agreed upon percentage) are enough to secure their freedom, at least temporarily.

There are usually certain requirements that the cosigner must fulfill before their signature is accepted as a form of collateral. In the bulk of these instances, a cosigner must provide proof that are gainfully employed in the area and have been for some time. Failing this, they must provide proof that they have been owning or renting a home in the area for a significant period of time.

Once the defendant has reached a viable agreement with their Oxnard bail bondsman, the Oxnard bail agent then posts the bond on behalf of the defendant. If a defendant decides to then skip town and leave their cosigner holding the bag, the cosigner is on the hook for the bail’s full amount.

A crucial piece of information for cosigners to remember: if the defendant suddenly decides that they do not wish to be found and the Oxnard bail bondsman is forced to look for them, all of the expenses that stem from their subsequent location and arrest are also billed to the cosigner.

Bail is often considered as a means of providing additional punishment, a way to make a defendant pay for the alleged crime that they have committed. In reality, it is merely an insurance policy that ensures the defendant’s continued attendance in a court of law.

An Oxnard bail bond company is given the power to hunt down and capture any defendant that believes skipping town is a viable option. As long as they have been given the authority to arrest a defendant by the state of California and possess the proper documentation to prove this capability, they are able to execute an arrest.

Failure to appear in court also results in another charge and a bench warrant is then issued for the defendant’s apprehension. The original bond is also not reimbursed until any and all charges that are potentially linked to the original alleged offense have been cleared or dropped.

The original bail amount can also be increased in these instances. When a finding is made in an open court that proves the defendant’s inability to meet the conditions of their current bail structure, they can either be sentenced to remain in prison during trial or ordered to spend additional monies on a new bail agreement.

Unless all conditions are met, the client forfeits the amount spent on bail, as well as all fees collected by an Oxnard bail bondsman. If the case continues for over a year, additional premiums must be collected by an Oxnard bail bond agency and these premiums are not refundable.

When you need help getting out of jail, be sure to obtain a bail bond. Any questions, thoughts or concerns? Speak with the Oxnard police department and Oxnard bail bond companies to find out more about the options available to you.